Recall Madness

The gun lobby is lavishing millions of dollars on the recall of two Colorado state Senators. One of their stated goals is to achieve victory to intimidate legislators in all 50 states when gun legislation is up for a vote.

Representative Dominick Moreno said it best, ” Recall elections are reserved for misconduct in office, not policy disagreements elections.” Recall elections are expensive. The estimated cost of this recall election is close to $250,000. We’ll know better the morning after.

The fact remains that the gun lobby hired enough signature pimps in two Colorado senate districts, their petitions were Constitutional-enough, and now the fight is on.

If either Senators John Morse or Angela Giron are defeated then how state legislatures are elected could be altered and threatened in all 50 states because of this raw struggle for power. Citizens of all stripes should be aware that the extreme right-wing is looking to move the goal posts for how legislatures are formed and “influenced.”

The GOP themselves have been aroused by the madness of Colorado Recall 2013. One of their candidates in El Paso County was Jaxine Bubis, a romance novel writer and self-described “erotic grammy.” She did not score a victory. Ms. Bubis apparently didn’t feel the love when an El Paso County Republican Party committee rejected her, as she is now seeking $54 million in damages. Isn’t that something? She lost an election and now she’s filed a “formal criminal complaint” seeking 54 million dollars.

Political campaigns usually heat up as they climax. (Credit Ms. Bubis for inspiring that line.) None of us should be surprised that allegations of ethical lapses have been lobbed by both sides. Regular readers won’t be surprised to hear that both GOP ethical charges against Senator Morse were baseless. We’ll see if the allegations against the largely unknown GOP challenger ultimately peter out.