Happy New Year to Progressives and Liberals Everywhere!

Let’s hope that this New Year 2016 brings larger voter turnouts and an active youth voter base that will continue the move toward a more just and fair society. It seems that the political left in this nation and locally have waited long enough and are taking the bull by the horns. Harsh public criticism and liberal self-abasement combined have weakened  the political left’s ability to make sound decisions, show strong arguments toward an equitable society and gain political power. The right’s command on framing the issues and rule over the past 40 years has devastated our communities, our states, our nation and our world. Now, we have Senator Bernie Sanders running for the U.S. presidency and not just running, but commanding a large voter, grassroots army to change the deadly direction our nation is moving. He has inspired millions of youth to get involved in the political process and challenge the old order of things. The Democratic Party of the United States will never be the same after 2016’s presidential election is over. There will be new leaders rising among the ranks of this new left revolution, and they will engage and challenge the Democrats that want to keep the status quo. Personally, this new movement toward a more enlightened and politically left-wing Democratic Party excites me. The new left movement will challenge the income inequality gap, lack of a universal health care system, rise in private prisons, lack of affordable education, lack of affordable housing, and endless wars. It will be a Happy New Year for many if Bernie Sanders becomes the next president of the United States of America.

The Colorado Campaign for Bernie Sanders has Landed!


The Colorado Sanders Campaign is in full swing with its headquarters at 5705 West 25th Avenue in Edgewater, CO. There were over 30 volunteers at the office to help clean and set up for the state’s campaign for Bernie. Dulce Saenz is the Colorado State Coordinator for the campaign and Josh Phillips is the State Field Organizer. Fifty-eight of the 65 house districts already have leaders in place to run local operations. Prior to their arrival as state leaders of the campaign, volunteers and grassroots organizers set up house parties, debate watch parties, canvassing precincts to recruit more unaffiliated to change party affiliation so they can participate in the caucus, phone banking, fundraising, etc… The national campaign office is impressed with the number of volunteers and grassroots organizing that helped establish a central campaign office and organizers. For more information about the campaign go to www.berniesanders.com 

Adams County residents that want to support Bernie Sanders but are unaffiliated need to register to vote Democratic Party by the end of December or prior to January 4th.

Endorsing and Campaigning for Bernie Sanders in 2016

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Hello everyone!

As we close out 2015 and enter a New Year, I thought my fellow progressives and liberals ought to know that I will be endorsing and campaigning for Bernie Sanders. I will be using this blog site for progressive issues and for Bernie Sander’s campaign since the original people who posted in the past have moved on, won their seats they ran for or just plain didn’t want to write anymore. I thank those that posted in the past and I am grateful for your support, entries and ideas for this blog site. I want to tell everybody that this blog will remain dedicated to true progressive issues and liberal ideas. I will be introducing new authors to this blog who are working for the Sanders campaign and who have some new ideas! The blog site may grow beyond Adams County and there might be a name change of the blog site depending on the new authors and new editors of the site. Thank you to those readers who supported this site as well. I look forward to a New Year and to a political revolution that will give struggling Americans their voice back in government.


Antonio J. D’Lallo III

Four Great Candidates for Adams Twelve School Board


Adams 12 School Board Election is about regaining the trust of this board and about supporting a culture of collaboration between teachers, administrators, staff, community, and parents. The District Twelve Education Association has endorsed and is working with three candidates to get them elected to this school board. A committee of DTEA leaders selected “Isaiah” Thomas, Jamey Lockley, and Laura Mitchell to be endorsed and supported during their campaigns by the teacher’s professional organization. In addition to the three DTEA supported candidates this blog host also endorsed Jesse Briton Hamilton for school board. Jesse is a school teacher at Adams 14 and lives in the Adams 12 district. He is passionate about respect for teachers and the teaching profession. He’ll make an outstanding board member. Please remember to vote for these four candidates and to return your mail-in ballots by October 30th. pencils-878694__180

Two Awesome School Board Candidates!!

It is my pleasure to announce the Adams Ants Endorsements of Adams 12 Five Star School board candidates Seth Thomas and Jessy HamiltonJessy. We are endorsing the races of Seth “Isaiah” Thomas and Jessy Briton Hamilton due to their progressive views on public education and their devotion to educating all students with better opportunities to learn in the classroom. Both candidates are willing to listen to their constituents and work collaboratively toward a dynamic school system.

Please vote this November for school board candidates Seth “Isaiah” Thomas and Jessy Briton Hamilton. We will have more information on these candidates in the following week. IMG_0002

These Adams County State Legislators Worked Hard to Preserve Progressive Values and Principles!

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It was a very difficult year for the Colorado Democratic Party and an even more difficult one for Adams County as they lost one seat to Republican Beth Martinez-Humenik. Despite electoral set backs in 2014, Adams County Democrats achieved legislative gains and abided by the principles and progressive values the party has endeared itself to in recent years.

An example of how well these legislators did on environmental issues is the ratings done by the Colorado Conservation voters. All Adams County state legislators scored 100% except State Senator Mary Hodge (SD25) who has consistently scored 80% throughout her legislative career. Senator Mary Hodge has been a strong supporter for progressive legislation in education, agriculture, health care and labor. She is considered an elder stateswoman of the Colorado and Adams County Democratic Parties and a mentor to the newer legislators in the State Senate. Senator Hodge has consistently scored 100% on the American Civil Liberties Union and the Women’s Lobby Scorecards. Her overall contribution to the Colorado Progressive Movement and the Adams County Democratic Party is to be praised.

Other Democratic Party legislators and fighters for progressive legislation and values are: State Representative Joseph Salazar (HD31); State Representative Dominick Moreno (HD32); State Representative Steve Lebsock (HD34); State Representative Faith Winter (HD35); and State Senator Jesse Ulibarri (SD21).

Each of these representatives is noted for sponsoring progressive legislation and advocacy for the personal rights of the individual, consumer protection, civil liberties, education and affordable health care for all.

Each of these representatives deserves the citizen’s support and thanks for their service to the people of Adams County and the State of Colorado. Thank you.

Adams County Commissioner Chaz Tedesco is strong on labor!


Adams County Commissioner Charles “Chaz” Tedesco is running for another term. His greatest strength is labor and workers’ rights. He is a commissioner with an eye on the future for Adams County residents, economic development and agribusiness. He felt strongly about keeping Industrial Hemp legal with the enactment of Ordinance 13, Section 3.3 which banned recreational and medical marijuana grow houses and sales, but not Industrial Hemp. He stated in a Denver Post interview that “we want to be on the forefront” of Industrial Hemp agriculture. (1)

Chaz is a noted labor rights advocate and offered his expertise while sitting on a panel to investigate whether workers for the SuperShuttle had their rights violated. After listening to the testimony the only conclusion that could be made was that not only were workers rights violated, but human rights as well. It seems these drivers endured years of harassment from bosses, falling wages and lack of due process prior to termination. Chaz offered his expertise to help these workers and any assistance they may need from the state that he could rally in their dire situation.

Chaz worked alongside his fellow commissioners to secure a deal with the City and County of Denver that will create more jobs for the citizens of Adams County and bring in more revenue. He’s done much good to repair the image and we want to see Chaz continue to promote strong workers’ rights in our county and to continue the good work that he and his fellow commissioners have done thus far. Thank you Chaz for your commitment and service to the people of Adams County.

1.)  http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_25509291/adams-county-hosts-hemp-information-session-farmers