A Personal Perspective on Hillary Rodham-Clinton or a Male Chauvinistic Perspective on Why Hillary Might Not Win the White House


I think Hillary Clinton might lose the Democratic Party’s support or at least the liberal wing of it, along with the uncommitted and independent voters. She won’t lose because she doesn’t hold liberal/progressive values which she does inconsistently and not always to the liking of the left-wing of the party. She needs to win the White Male vote and I am observing that this vote is not being factored in from the left and progressive side. Progressive men and liberal men have their own prejudices about women and gender politics. Let’s be real! There are many young and middle-aged white men that will vote in 2016 that will hold strong chauvinistic attitudes towards women. I am one of them and I’ll tell you why. I am an American White Male brought up in a highly entitled culture and to believe that I have a stronger voice than anybody else most especially minorities which includes women. How do you go against decades of training and acculturation. It is a knee jerk reaction when we see Hillary waving to crowds and spouting she is going to run for president. Deep down a few progressive men would rather kiss a skunk’s ass than see her running the free world. I have some “theories” or better yet “conclusions” about what might ruin Hillary’s chances of becoming president and they are going to sound very chauvinistic. So here goes, the feminist movement has been under constant attack since the late 60’s and attacks ramped up under the Reagan Era enough so that there was “backlash.” Read Susan Faludi’s book “Backlash” to gain a better understanding of why men in the U.S. didn’t buy into the feminist movement–and some women! According to one very close elderly woman I know who is very active politically and an active member in the Green Party which one of its Key Values is Feminism, the feminist movement forgot about the children. As a baby of the sixties and a child of the seventies I can attest to the fact that many women went “free range” with child rearing. Many mothers didn’t spend too much time nurturing and doting over their young. Hillary might be perceived as one of those kind of “free range” moms that didn’t really spend much time with daughter and she represents that era of women strongly. Question: Do you really think men from the late baby-boomers, Generations X and Y and the millennial youth are going to flock to what might be perceived as a cold, non-nurturing female like Hillary? I don’t think I’m assuming anything here based on what I’ve read about the feminist movement and male perceptions of women in power. However, I am open to criticism and would like somebody to challenge this one theory. Deep down I would love to see a female president, but not Hillary. She seems too political and too driven like she forgot what it is like to be a lady or a women. The other theory I have ties directly into the first. I “strongly believe” that this country will reject a female presidential candidate. I understand that women have made large strides in gaining political power, but we’re talking about the White House. Will men accept a “first gentleman” in the White House? White men make up a huge percentage of independent and uncommitted voters. Also, white men still hold the largest entitlements to power in the nation. So, what are Hillary’s chances? The LGBT, actually the gay male community, wrote an article condemning Hillary’s “real” stance on gay marriage. She actually falls to the right on many LGBT positions. Will gay men flock to her? I did tabling for her at last year’s gay pride and people, especially gay men, seemed very lukewarm to her running at all. People assume she has the gay male vote! Think again. She will have to earn it. Also, people are growing tired, including gay men, of the gay marriage and gay rights issues. The economy and the environment (Global Climate Change Impact) will be the two big issues of the 2016 elections; at least it will be to the electorate. Finally, the Internet is an extremely powerful political tool and white male dominated with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc…I am calculating that she’ll need to raise over a billion dollars to win and that a billion dollars won’t be out there to spring for this campaign unless she receives it from corporate donors seen as an evil that uses their power to bribe the presidency and Congress. Hillary won’t waltz into the White House and if she does she will spend four years battling a hateful Congress of mostly older white men. If you think these current Congressmen were racist then wait until you see the male chauvinist. In conclusion, I don’t think people are considering or factoring in the chauvinistic attitudes of America and its male population. I haven’t even mentioned the perceptions of Hispanic/Latino men or African-American men.

These Adams County State Legislators Worked Hard to Preserve Progressive Values and Principles!

H-MorenoH-Lebsock H-Salazar H-Winter-Faith-e1424297416136 M_Hodge SD21-web

It was a very difficult year for the Colorado Democratic Party and an even more difficult one for Adams County as they lost one seat to Republican Beth Martinez-Humenik. Despite electoral set backs in 2014, Adams County Democrats achieved legislative gains and abided by the principles and progressive values the party has endeared itself to in recent years.

An example of how well these legislators did on environmental issues is the ratings done by the Colorado Conservation voters. All Adams County state legislators scored 100% except State Senator Mary Hodge (SD25) who has consistently scored 80% throughout her legislative career. Senator Mary Hodge has been a strong supporter for progressive legislation in education, agriculture, health care and labor. She is considered an elder stateswoman of the Colorado and Adams County Democratic Parties and a mentor to the newer legislators in the State Senate. Senator Hodge has consistently scored 100% on the American Civil Liberties Union and the Women’s Lobby Scorecards. Her overall contribution to the Colorado Progressive Movement and the Adams County Democratic Party is to be praised.

Other Democratic Party legislators and fighters for progressive legislation and values are: State Representative Joseph Salazar (HD31); State Representative Dominick Moreno (HD32); State Representative Steve Lebsock (HD34); State Representative Faith Winter (HD35); and State Senator Jesse Ulibarri (SD21).

Each of these representatives is noted for sponsoring progressive legislation and advocacy for the personal rights of the individual, consumer protection, civil liberties, education and affordable health care for all.

Each of these representatives deserves the citizen’s support and thanks for their service to the people of Adams County and the State of Colorado. Thank you.

Adams County Commissioner Chaz Tedesco is strong on labor!


Adams County Commissioner Charles “Chaz” Tedesco is running for another term. His greatest strength is labor and workers’ rights. He is a commissioner with an eye on the future for Adams County residents, economic development and agribusiness. He felt strongly about keeping Industrial Hemp legal with the enactment of Ordinance 13, Section 3.3 which banned recreational and medical marijuana grow houses and sales, but not Industrial Hemp. He stated in a Denver Post interview that “we want to be on the forefront” of Industrial Hemp agriculture. (1)

Chaz is a noted labor rights advocate and offered his expertise while sitting on a panel to investigate whether workers for the SuperShuttle had their rights violated. After listening to the testimony the only conclusion that could be made was that not only were workers rights violated, but human rights as well. It seems these drivers endured years of harassment from bosses, falling wages and lack of due process prior to termination. Chaz offered his expertise to help these workers and any assistance they may need from the state that he could rally in their dire situation.

Chaz worked alongside his fellow commissioners to secure a deal with the City and County of Denver that will create more jobs for the citizens of Adams County and bring in more revenue. He’s done much good to repair the image and we want to see Chaz continue to promote strong workers’ rights in our county and to continue the good work that he and his fellow commissioners have done thus far. Thank you Chaz for your commitment and service to the people of Adams County.

1.)  http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_25509291/adams-county-hosts-hemp-information-session-farmers

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and community of Charleston, South Carolina

There have been many articles about the causes or reasons for this senseless act of violence. The Adams Ants blog site send forth our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the families, friends and loved ones of the nine people who perished at the Emanuel AME Church. Our greatest hope is that we not only heal the current wounds but also discuss the cause of racial hatred and begin the dismantling of structural racism and violence toward people of color.

Early Campaigning Starts for Adams County Commissioner Eva Henry Campaign Season Starts Early for County Commissioner Eva Henry


On Saturday, June 20th, Eva Henry, her family, political supporters and friends hosted the “Sizzlin’ Hot Days” which served as both her official announcement to run for Adams County Commissioner again and as a fundraiser. Among those supporting Eva Henry’s run are the Hodges, Tonsagers, Vigils, Stevensons, and many other notable Adams County Democratic Party leaders. City council representatives from Commerce City, Brighton, Westminster, Federal Heights, Northglenn and Thornton also attended. Her fellow commissioners Chaz Tedesco and Steve O’Dorisio were also in attendance.

Commissioner Eva Henry has and continues to champion the causes of working families struggling with poverty and families experiencing homelessness. Her advocacy and passionate drive to help those less fortunate stems from her own life experiences and struggles. She has overcome many challenges during her term and has created a fair, transparent and open county government. Commissioner Henry is a proven team player and negotiator. Along with her fellow commissioners a deal was finally struck with the City and County of Denver.

The Adams Ants are proud to endorse such a positive force on our county and in our county government. Thank you County Commissioner Eva Henry for your service to the people of Adams County!

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Visits Denver


In what will go down in history as the largest gathering in early presidential campaigning, approximately 10,000 people gathered to hear presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speak at the University of Denver’s Ritchie Center. Sanders spoke about the economy, jobs, global climate change, immigration, trade agreements, racism, livable wages, etc…all the issues that matter to progressives and liberals. There was a wide range of demographics that attended and, importantly, a large number of young men and women ages 20 to 30 years showed up to volunteer and listen to the candidate. The elderly, women, LGBT, African-Americans, Latinos, college students, and children were all present.

Sanders trails Clinton by 10% points according to recent polls. Many in attendance at the rally were saying that this is the beginning of a great movement of people toward an issues centered and truth- based campaign. Sanders is perceived as authentic and outspoken on the issues. 

Sanders proclaimed that we are facing some of the greatest challenges in the history of not only our nation but of the world. He believes that this campaign is not about him but about us, the people, demanding the change we need to survive as a species and to bring the United States middle class back to its prominent role in the economy.

We will certainly here more about Sander’s campaign in the months to come; meanwhile, here is a short clip from the rally:


Jenice JJ Dove for Ward I City Council


Councilwoman JJ Dove has represented the people of the City of Thornton  and Ward I with passion and dedication over the past 3 years. Her goals were to improve the quality of life in the city, promote increased economic development and ensure that city services remain at the highest level of professional performance of any of the surrounding cities. She has participated in trips to Washington DC to talk to our federal representatives about investing in our city’s infrastructure; enrolled in professional municipal institutes for coursework on clean water and sewage maintenance to the fire department’s academy and participated in municipal field trips that demonstrate best practices for city councils.

She has achieved her campaign goals through team work with city staff and collaboration with her fellow city councilmen and women to strengthen city water infrastructure, to increase the number of small businesses that bring revenue to Thornton and to sustain city services during these harsh economic times. It is during such times of transition in our economy and the struggles of our citizens to make ends meet that we need to secure experienced and knowledgable councilmen and women that can continue the good works of our city toward serving its citizens efficiently and effectively.

The Adams Ants endorse Councilwoman Dove for her commitment to the people of the City of Thornton and for her desire to make this a quality place to live. Thank you Councilwoman Dove for your service.